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Interested in Supporting Save Last MTN/Qu'Appelle Lakes Association Inc.?

From SAWS:

Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes Association Inc. Letter


March 7, 2018

To:  Residents of Last MtnQu’Appelle Lakes


Re:  Quill Lakes Common Ground Drainage Diversion Proposal

You have all read about the proposal from the Quill Lakes Watershed Association (QLWA) to drain saline water from the Quill Lakes basin into Last Mountain and the Qu’Appelle Lakes. A large number of cottage owners from Last Mountain Lake to Round Lake have established a Non-Profit Corporation registered as Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes Association Inc. to oppose any such proposal.

Over the last several months a number of volunteers have done an incredible amount of work, research and organizing to challenge the QLWA and Water Security Agency on their proposal. As volunteers can only do so much, continued effort is going to cost a significant of money.

Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes will have to underwrite the cost of legal professionals, media consultants, environmental experts and publication costs in order that we can properly and successfully oppose the drainage into our lakes. At the heart of this will initially be to convince the Government of Saskatchewan to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment. We have retained a law firm to represent our interests.

Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes is soliciting contributions for this purpose from cottage owners, sportsmen and business owners from the north end of Last Mountain Lake to the south end of the Qu’Appelle Lakes. We expect we will have to sustain our opposition for the next 3-4 years. We project we will need to raise $150,000 so donate generously.

All recipients of this solicitation letter are stakeholders on the Lakes. We remind you there will only be one opportunity to stop this drainage and contamination into our Lakes and to secure an Environmental Impact Assessment, so please help out. Any success we have will protect the value of your property or business on the Lakes.

Please make donations by forwarding your cheque payable to Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes to the address below. For further information log on to our website at:

We thank you in advance.

Save Last MTN/Qu’Appelle Lakes Association Inc.

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