Important Bird and Biodiversity Area Caretakers

A Caretaker is a local volunteer who is matched to one (or more) Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). Caretakers are community champions, acting as watchdogs to ensure that changes within IBAs, or threats to their ecological integrity, are properly documented – and, ideally, resolved. Volunteer IBA Caretakers work alongside ornithologists and conservation scientists to help protect birds and critical ecosystems. Caretakers will help to identify new opportunities for management that will translate into additional conservation action on the ground. Caretakers represent a special type of volunteer, as they are, by definition, located nearby to the site they are stewarding. Caretakers are, therefore, stakeholders in their given IBA and thus develop a sense of attachment and ownership to the site.

Caretaker activities vary depending on site characteristics and their own interests, but can include: collecting bird data, conducting site assessments, restoring habitat, raising awareness, and advocacy efforts. Working alongside experts, this network of volunteers will conduct IBA assessments and help keep information about the status of our IBAs current. 

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