30 Years at the Last Mountain Bird Observatory


The Last Mountain Bird Observatory began in the fall of 1989 with a modest banding program, and since 1990 has undertaken intensive landbird migration monitoring. Information gathered provides us with insights into population trends, longevity and movements of birds. On average, 3400 birds of 76 species are banded annually, and since 1990 LMBO has banded 70,000 birds of 115 species.


The birds are monitored through the use of a daily census and systematic use of mist nets (finely woven nets strung between poles along hedgerows). Birds are removed from the nets and tagged with uniquely numbered bands. Data on species, age and sex is also recorded, and all information is forwarded to the Bird Banding Office in Ottawa.


Through the years, Nature Saskatchewan has relied on generous donation from the public to be able to carry on the work that is done at the Last Mountain Bird Observatory. While we take pause to celebrate the last 30 years and the successes we have seen, we are also looking to the future. We would like to thank everyone who supported the Last Mountain Bird Observatory in the past and ask that you consider continuing your support.

100% of donations made to Last Mountain Bird Observatory go towards the operations of the program.


For questions or to make a donation directly with the Nature Saskatchewan office please contact info@naturesask.ca or call 1-800-667-4668.