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'Tis the Season for Christmas Bird and Mammal Counts

Below you will find the forms for the 2017 Christmas Bird and Mammal Count as well as important links to follow. For those of you that are starting new counts, or if you have not already sent us a map of your count area for our files, please do so. At the very least, please send us the location (legal land description, latitude-longitude or UTM) of the centre of your count circle.

A few other important notes:

1. Remember party hours and party kilometers are the combined number of hours spent or kilometers covered by all parties of one or more observers. Thus if you had two parties each spending 7 hours in the field the total number of party hours would equal 14 hours.

2. Please fully describe any rare birds or mammals on the forms provided.

3. As they are not comparable to other CBC data, counts not conducted at a single locality or on a single day within the count period will not be published in the “Blue Jay”.

4. Regarding the count period, counts that are published in the Blue Jay include any additional bird or mammal species seen during the entire count period (14 Dec. to 5 Jan.); counts submitted to BSC include only those species seen 3 days before or after count day.

5. Please, please use the forms provided.

As always, we encourage count compilers to submit their bird data to Bird Studies Canada (BSC), the Canadian partner to the Audubon Society for CBCs. Your counts will then become a part of the continent-wide database of CBCs, which is used for bird conservation. In order for CBCs to be included in the continental database, counts must include at least 6 hours of field observation (not counting feeder hours). The data is entered online at the BSC website (see below); if you are unable or uncomfortable about doing data entry online, please let us know when you return the data forms and we will have the data entered for you. Note that no participation fee will be charged for counts sent to BSC. As alternate funding will always be needed to replace the fees, donations to BSC would be gratefully accepted (see link below). The fee was used to offset (but not cover) the costs of database management and the maintenance of the Audubon website which makes CBC information available to the public.

The deadline for return of counts is 31 January 2018. Counts submitted after that date will not be tabulated for the Blue Jay. They will, however, be incorporated into the Saskatchewan database.

Have fun on your counts and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Alan R. Smith

Compiler Saskatchewan Christmas Bird Count/Saskatchewan Christmas Mammal Count
Box 154, Avonlea, SK S0H 0C0
Phone: (306) 868-4554



Christmas Bird Count 2017 Form


Bird Studies Canada Christmas Bird Count Web page:


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