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Voices from the Field: Fall Migration at LMBO

The fall migration is in full swing here at Last Mountain Bird Observatory! We set up the nets Monday afternoon, and opened on Tuesday for our first day of coverage. We caught most of the usual suspects: American Robin, Yellow Warbler, House Wren, Least Flycatcher, Cedar Waxwings. We also caught a large amount of Eastern Kingbirds. They normally do not get caught in the net very often. But much to the pleasure of our new banding assistant Laura, she got to band all of them. We also caught some migrant warblers: Wilson’s Warbler, Mourning Warbler, Canada Warbler, American Redstart, Ovenbird. We also saw a lot of swallows and blackbirds starting to flock together for migration in the park. There was even a record of my nemesis bird, because I never see them, a White-winged Scoter. We also had a volunteer out our first week who was so excited to catch her first Common Grackle. She even signed our guestbook, “My first grackle! Yay!” The campers in the park were excited for the station to open again. A group of kids were kind enough to make us bird feeders for the station. They are hanging up around right now, and many birds have been visiting them. Our second week started off with some windy weather. We could not open the nets even to try to catch the Common Nighthawk that was hanging around. The next couple days we caught more migrants moving through. We caught an Olive-sided flycatcher, a Chestnut-sided Warbler, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, and Northern Waterthrush. Laura also got to band her first ever Barn Swallow. We also had our first big day with over 125 birds! There was over 50 birds in a single net run! We also got our first Bank Swallow and Swainson’s Thrush on our big day. We are still waiting for Orange-Crowned Warblers to come through, and we are looking forward to the waves of sparrows to come!


Canada Warbler, Photo credit: J. Rustad

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