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Can Pacific Albany Project Potash Mine – Open Comment Period


Nature Saskatchewan has some concern over a proposed Potash Mine southeast of Regina and north of Sedley. We are asking our members and supporters to email short letters to by April 15, 2019 (deadline comment period).

A proposed mine site and drilling activity is planned for a large area which encompasses thousands of acres of native and tame grasslands, wetlands and riparian areas along Wascana Creek. There are large tracts of cultivated land in the area that should be used for development.  Nature Saskatchewan is not opposed to the Can Pacific Albany Project potash mine but want to protect the highly fragmented natural areas from further impact.


Some points to mention in your letters are:

  1. No construction and development on or near grasslands, wetlands and riparian areas along Wascana Creek.
  2. Development activities should not occur on natural landscapes but be moved to cultivated fields where the impact on the natural environment will be greatly reduced.
  3. Some 150 species of wildlife were documented during the environmental assessment.
  4. Species at Risk within the area include; Sprague's Pipit, Loggerhead Shrike, Ferruginous Hawk, Long-billed Curlew and Leopard Frog.
  5. We have already lost over 86% of our natural grassland ecosystem in southern Saskatchewan. Every effort should be made to avoid the further loss of these vanishing habitats.
  6. Be clear that you would like to ensure that no development will occur on any natural landscapes.

We encourage you to use your own words in your email to the province. You do not need to mention all of these points. It would be useful to include a sentence or two on why the grassland landscape is important to you, that would be very useful. Your letter does not need to be long and detailed. What counts is the number of responses received by the province.


If you have any questions, please contact;


Jordan Ignatiuk, Nature Saskatchewan Executive Director
306-780-9293  or



Lorne Scott, Nature Saskatchewan Conservation Director
306-695-2047 or 306-695-7458




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