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Spring is here and our HOOT line is up and running!

Hi All, those of us working at Nature Saskatchewan on the Stewards of Saskatchewan Banner Programs wanted you to know that we are still here, working from home, to keep our programs running.

Spring is (sort of?) here! Nature Saskatchewan’s HOOT Line (1-800-667-4668) is being answered at home by our dedicated Office Coordinator, Becky Quist, and she is beginning to receive reports on sightings! As spring warms up, people often notice songbirds returning to their yards and feeders. This is also the time that our focal species will be returning as well, and we would be grateful to hear of any sightings of these rare birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles!

Have you heard the Northern Leopard frogs calling? Their call sounds like a finger rubbing a balloon, followed by a soft “chuckle”. Piping Plovers have been running around the beaches and shorelines since early March setting up territories and will begin building their nests later this month. Short-eared Owls born in SK last year spent the winter in the prairies, but the adults will be returning this month to breed, so keep an eye out for these majestic ground-nesters!

As you have likely noticed, the Richardson's ground squirrels are up and racing around. That means the American Badgers and Ferruginous Hawks will be out hunting them and we would be very excited to hear about sightings of these two species at risk.

Please email us or call us on our HOOTline (1-800-667-4668)! The excitement in our callers’ voices and the tone of their emails is palpable. It is one of our most enjoyable times of the day when we listen to those messages. It’s a pleasure write back or to chat with our participants and conservation-minded folks! So, keep your eyes out for these and other species of wildlife returning to our province, and let us know what, when and where you made your sightings in southern and central Saskatchewan!

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