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2020 Annual Appeal

Dear friend and supporter of Nature Saskatchewan,

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much of our day to day lives and has increased anxiety and worry around the globe. However, throughout this pandemic one thing has remained a constant in our lives, the need for nature. Being in nature provides us with a relief from anxiety and supports mental health, it offers us a place to play and exercise safely, it boosts our immune system and allows our children the space they need to enjoy and explore.

In 2020, Nature Saskatchewan has adapted to a new way of doing things. Much of our programming has been held online, such as our annual celebration of International Migratory Bird Day or bringing the Last Mountain Bird Observatory to the public through videos posted toour YouTube channel. Through partnerships with like-minded local groups like SaskOutdoors, we have had success sharing the joy of nature safely with home-school children through the Get Outside Kids Club. While the delivery may be different the message remains loud and clear, nature needs us but more importantly humanity needs nature.

For years, Nature Saskatchewan’s conservation efforts have focused on the importance of protecting the natural world so Saskatchewan’s wildlife and precious ecosystems have a fighting chance at survival. An ecosystem can only be healthy when the web of species is connected and playing their part. While we look for different ways to connect to each other, it is also important for our health, both physical and mental, to connect to nature.

Nature Saskatchewan remains a strong voice for nature and conservation in Saskatchewan. In February, we once again attended Nature on the Hill in Ottawa along with 49 other organizations from across Canada. Together, over 60 MP’s from all parties were asked to support the commitments for expanding protected areas and finding solutions to the issues that threaten our habitats and wildlife. We are proud to have a voice in this large Nature Network and to be one of the groups speaking for Saskatchewan.

Early this fall, we finally heard the long awaited announcement that the transfer of three former PFRA pastures in southwest Saskatchewan (Govenlock, Nashlyn and Battle Creek) from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to Environment and Climate Change Canada had been completed. This occurred with a corresponding swap of any provincial lands on these pastures with federal lands on the other former PFRA pastures. A designation to a National Wildlife Area is expected within a few years.

In 2020 we received a bequest of land near Leader, adding to our nature sanctuaries. A local sanctuary steward has been found to keep an eye on the property for us and a management plan to protect this piece of land into the future will be developed next year.

Please take the time to renew your membership for 2020 if you have not already done so. Nature Saskatchewan memberships now run on the calendar year and you have the option of receiving a print or electronic copy of the Blue Jay. If you are a print subscriber, you will automatically be given access to the online version as well. Retaining our existing members and attracting new members is extremely important. We ask that you help us spread the word and consider giving a Nature Saskatchewan membership as a gift to someone you care about, following us on our social media channels and by signing up to receive our electronic newsletter.

We thank you for your continued support and ask that you consider helping in the form of a donation. Donations can be directed to any program you choose, or can be split amongst the various programs that are meaningful to you. A donation to Nature Saskatchewan as a whole will allow funds to be used where they are the most needed, or simply purchasing a membership for yourself or a loved one will help us to remain strong and keep our voice heard. You may prefer to give a little each month by joining our Nature Savings Plan. Contributors to the Nature Savings Plan have the option of contributing directly through their bank or via a monthly credit card payment. Each and every way you choose to help will have a positive effect on the work we do. Thank you for being a part of a team working to conserve Saskatchewan’s natural landscapes and all that call it home.

Please take a moment now to decide how you will help.


Yours in conservation,

Ed Rodger
President, Nature Saskatchewan

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