Complete Listing of Special Publications

  1. Guide to Saskatchewan Mammals, 1958. W.H. Beck. Out of print.
  2. Birds of the Saskatchewan River, Carlton to Cumberland, 1959. C.S. Houston and M.G. Street. Out of Print.
  3. Birds of Regina (First Edition), 1961, M. Belcher. Out of print.
  4. Blue Jay Index, 1942-1960 (Vols. 1 - 18), 1962. J.Deutscher.
  5. Birds of the Lake Athabasca Region, Saskatchewan. 1963. R.W. Nero. Out of print.
  6. Birds of Northeastern Saskatchewan. 1967. R.W. Nero
  7. Birds of Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan, 1967. R.W. Nero and M.R. Lein. Out of Print.
  8. Blue Jay Index, 1961 - 1969 (Vol 19 - 27). 1975. P. O'Neil.
  9. Birds of the Rosetown-Bigger District, Saskatchewan. 1975. W.E. Renaud and D.H. Renaud.
  10. Birds of the Gainsborough-Lyleton Area. Saskatchewan-Manitoba. 1979. R.W. Knapton. Out of print.
  11. Blue Jay Index, 1970 - 78 (Vols 28-36). 1979. D.H. Bocking.
  12. Birds of Regina. Revised Edition. 1980. M. Belcher
  13. Birds of the Qu'Appelle, 1857-1979. 1980. E.M. Callin.
  14. Saskatchewan Cougar-Elusive Cat. 1982. T.White.
  15. Birds of Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, 1985, G.W. Scotter, L.N. Carbyn, W.P. Neily, and J.D. Henry.
  16. Bird Guide to the Regina Area 1985. CIG, Adam, T.B. Riffel, R.A. Luterbach and R.H. Kreba.
  17. Eskimo Curlew: Vanishing Species? 1986. J.B. Gollop, TW. Barry, and E.H. Iversen. Out of print.
  18. Birds of East-central Saskatchewan. 1992. D.F. Hooper. Callin Series No.1.
  19. Isabel Priestly Legacy: Saskatchewan Natural History Society, 1949-1990. 1996. M. Belcher.
  20. Birds of the Besnard Lake Area, North -central Saskatchewan 1968-1994. 1996. J.M. Gerrard, G.R. Bortolotti, and K.L. Wiebe. Callin Series No. 2.
  21. Birds of the Elbow 1996. J.E. Roy. Calin Series No. 3. Out of print.
  22. Atlas of Saskatchewan Birds. 1996. A. R. Smith. Callin Series, No. 4.
  23. Birds of the Saskatoon Area. 2002. A. Leighton, J. Hay, C. S. Houston, J.F. Roy, and S. Shadick. Callin Series, No 5.
  24. Birds of Yorkton-Duck Mountain. 2003. C.S. Houston and W. Anaka. Callin Series, No 6.
  25. Prairie Phoenix (Lilium philadelphicum) The Red Lily in Saskatchewan. 2005. Bonnie J. Lawrence and Anna L. Leighton
  26. The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis. 2007. Rebecca L. Grambo and Branimir Gjetvaj
  27. Birds of Rosetown-Biggar. 2008. Robert D. Wapple and Wayne E. Renaud
  28. At Home on the Range: Living with Saskatchewan's Species at Risk. 2009. Sue Michalsky, Liz Saunders, Richard Quinlan, Paul Jones, Barry Adams and Kimberly Pearson.
  29. Dragonflies & Damselflies in the Hand. 2011. G. Hutchings and D. Halstead.
  30. Ferns & Fern Allies of Saskatchewan. 2011. Vernon L. Harms and Anna L. Leighton.
  31. Lilies, Irises & Orchids of Saskatchewan. 2011. Vernon L. Harms and Anna L. Leighton.
  32. Getting to Know Saskatchewan Lichens. 2011. Bernard De Vries.
  33. Sedges (Carex) of Saskatchewan. 2012. Anna L. Leighton
  34. Grasses of Saskatchewan. 2014. Vernon L. Harms and Anna L. Leighton
  35. When the Ice Goes Out on Dore Lake. 2016. Thijs Kuiken