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Nature Sanctuaries

Nature Saskatchewan owns or holds leases to eight properties protected as nature sanctuaries because of their significant ecological character. Each sanctuary has Nature Saskatchewan members appointed as official stewards for the purpose of monitoring and protecting the land. Management plans and biodiversity surveys are prepared for each sanctuary. The sanctuary stewards are also involved in the development and leading of tours of the land for members, school groups, and visitors. Several sanctuaries have established visitation schedules. All Nature Saskatchewan sanctuaries are part of the Treaty Land Sharing Network.

Our sanctuaries include:

  • Brandon Land
  • Crooked Lake Fen
  • Maurice Street
  • Rendek Elm Forest
  • Turtle Lake
  • Satherstrom Sanctuary
  • van Brienen Land
  • Meyers Sanctuary

For detailed information on Nature Saskatchewan's Sanctuaries please read Wilderness Preserved: Nature Saskatchewan Nature Sanctuaries