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Did you know that Saskatchewan does not currently have a wetland policy?


First, we need to consider what wetlands, sloughs etc. do for the environment and for us. In short, they act as filters to keep water supplies clean and healthy, they protect from flooding, drought and erosion, they support local wildlife by providing habitat and they sequester carbon.

The drainage and channeling of these natural wetlands occurs to increase crop production. But water must go somewhere and by damaging or removing these natural systems many producers downstream are left with flooded lands or often not enough moisture to support their own once healthy lands. 

Obviously, this can cause disputes between neighbours and cause communities to struggle. We also need to keep in mind the environmental impact that drainage has on local species and waterways.

Currently, Saskatchewan DOES NOT have a Wetland Policy in place.  The only province in the country without one.

How can you help? 

Contact your MLA  and the Saskatchewan Minister of Environment and let them know that you support the development of a Wetland Policy for Saskatchewan.


Photo credit: Olivia Yurach