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Inner Nature

We are currently working towards making this program available online.

Inner Nature is a programming area of Nature Saskatchewan, which promotes our vision of  “humanity in harmony with nature”, through unique film screening events about Jim Settee, a Saskatchewan Cree Elder who “was part of nature, who lived it”.

Jim Settee: The Way Home is the remarkable story of Jim’s life as an oral historian, tracker, and spiritual mentor, and also of his universal teachings, including his teachings on our connection to nature. It is also a story of transformation for those he touched, and a legacy for all people on our varied journeys ‘home’.

The film describes the teaching found in Jim’s search for the boy, and also shares the many themes of Jim’s life, including his role as an oral historian for Métis and First Nation history and culture, his care for the environment, intergenerational learning, community leadership, and universal values.


“We are all one people. We are all one nation, you and I. We are all one colour if we try.” 

All One People, by Joseph Naytowhow, part of the soundtrack of Jim Settee: The Way Home