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Your donation will help to ensure that the valuable programs Nature Saskatchewan offers continue to provide protection and awareness for Saskatchewan's Species at Risk.


Planned Giving

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Leaving a legacy is important to all of us. We achieve this by working together to conserve our natural heritage today. Our values and commitment to our children will be measured by our success in conserving our natural landscapes for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations

Since 1949 Nature Saskatchewan has been dedicated to the conservation of Saskatchewan's natural environment. We promote appreciation and understanding of our natural world through education. We advocate protection and preservation of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity through research and viable conservation practices. We connect nature and culture through our outreach programs and services.

For the love of Saskatchewan Nature leave a legacy for future generations.

With your support Nature Saskatchewan will work to conserve Saskatchewan's natural heritage, vital to our health and cultural richness.

Planned Giving Form

Nature Savings Plan

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Through the Nature Savings Plan you will provide a monthly donation to Nature Saskatchewan. This is the most effective way to support the work we are doing. Make a commitment of whatever you can afford, for example $5, $7.50 or $10 a month.

Donations will automatically be deducted from your chequing account. You can choose either the 1st or the 15th of the month for this deduction. At the end of the year you will receive a tax receipt for your entire donation. The Nature Savings Plan is easy because you won't have to remember to donate and it saves time and cost for Nature Saskatchewan.

For more information on the Nature Savings Plan please contact our office at Nature Saskatchewan or call 1-800-667-4668 (Toll free in Sask) or 306-780-9273.

Lifetime Memberships

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If you are looking for a gift to Nature Saskatchewan that keeps on giving, please consider a Lifetime Membership. For a one-time, life-time membership fee of $750 you or the person of your choice will receive a certificate confirming your Lifetime Membership and a tax receipt for all but $25 of your fee will be issued. Your Lifetime Membership will help Nature Saskatchewan grow for years to come.

Lifetime Memberships make a wonderful gift for a child or grand-child, allowing them to grow and learn with Nature Saskatchewan publications and programs.


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Everyone should consider the legacy they wish to leave future generations beyond their lifetime. These wishes can include supporting organizations and causes that you believe in. Please consider our Nature Legacy Plan in your last wishes. Nature Saskatchewan can provide you with the information on how your bequest can continue to build a future for our natural environment. If you would like to consider leaving a bequest to Nature Saskatchewan, we would be happy to confidentially discuss our existing funds and programs and how they might fulfill your wishes.

Almost anything of value can be donated for charitable purposes. Donated property can include real estate, art, and listed securities. It can also include life insurance policies and retirement savings plan assets which are not used during your lifetime. Donations can be made during your life as well as through your will. Donations often result in income tax benefits, and some kinds of donations have been made even easier by recent changes to legislation. We encourage you to speak with legal, financial, and taxation professionals to explore donation possibilities and potential tax benefits. We would be happy to work with professionals of your choosing to ensure that we are able to honour your legacy wishes.

Nature Saskatchewan is a non-profit charitable organization. Our non-profit charitable number is: 119140283 RR0001.

Directed Donations

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You may want to focus your donation to a specific program. Nature Saskatchewan is pleased to take directed donations towards:

  • the Last Mountain Bird Observatory (where youth and adults are taught about migratory birds and important information about population and migration is collected.)
  • Stewards of Saskatchewan programs (a suite of programs that focus on habitat conservation, population monitoring and education including Birds Species at Risk and Rare Plant Rescue)
  • The Margaret Skeel Scholarship Fund
  • The Land Conservation Fund (will be used for managing and maintaining existing Nature Saskatchewan sanctuaries and for acquiring and protecting new conservation lands)
  • You may also make a General Donation which will support the other conservation work carried out by Nature Saskatchewan.



Other Things to Consider

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  • If you have invested in life insurance premiums, you could assist Nature Saskatchewan with a gift in the future. You can name Nature Saskatchewan as the beneficiary of a new or existing policy, or transfer ownership of the policy to Nature Saskatchewan and receive immediate tax benefits.
  • You may wish to donate retirement savings plan assets (RSPs and RRIFs). Recent legislation now makes this option more convenient and can provide enhanced benefits. Talk to your financial advisor about your options.
  • Almost anything of value, such as real estate, art or listed securities can be donated for charitable purposes, now or through your will. Some gifts may receive enhanced tax benefits.