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Special Publications

Editor for Special Publications: Donna Bruce

Nature Saskatchewan is a niche publisher specializing in publications that inform, educate and celebrate Saskatchewan’s natural history and heritage. From our first special publication, A Guide to Saskatchewan Mammals (1958) to the present day, we have produced and sold thousands of copies of 41 special publications, most which would not have been considered by any other publisher. A good example is our most recent publication, Conserving the Legacy: wildlife conservation in Saskatchewan, 1905–2005 (2022), by author, naturalist and wildlife conservationist Wayne Pepper. An engaging tribute to the whole enterprise of wildlife conservation in Saskatchewan’s first century, we consider this publication a very valuable addition to our province’s natural history record.

Our most successful release to date is Birds of Saskatchewan (2019), a compendium of all the bird species known to have occurred in the province, complemented by maps and over 1,000 colour photos. This publication marks the culmination of the Manley Callin Series, a series of eight publications about birds in regions of the province that includes Birds of Yorkton—Duck Mountain (2003), Birds of the Saskatoon Area (2002) and the very popular and now out-of-print Birds of the Elbow (1996). Manley Callin’s generous bequest to the society some years ago enabled us to produce Birds of Saskatchewan, and to donate copies to libraries and high schools in the province.

Another recent and very welcome addition to our list of publications is Backyard Bird Feeding: A Saskatchewan Guide (2021). In this bestselling publication, well-known writers and naturalists Trevor Herriot and Myrna Pearman provide a very complete and practical guide to the art and science of attracting and feeding birds, complemented by carefully selected colour photographs.

Through a co-publishing agreement with the Flora of Saskatchewan Association we are able to offer their excellent series of installments or fascicles of Flora of Saskatchewan that, to date, includes: Ferns and Fern Allies; Lilies, Irises and Orchids, Sedges (Carex); Grasses; Conifers and Catkin-Bearing Trees and Shrubs; and Rushes, Bulrushes and Pondweeds plus the remaining Monocots of Saskatchewan. Other special publications range from studies of species such as Dragonflies & Damselflies in the Hand (2011) and Prairie Phoenix (Lilium philadelphicum): The Red Lily in Saskatchewan (2005) to the celebration of places such as The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis (2007) and When the Ice Goes Out on Doré Lake (2016), an engaging account of three summers spent studying water birds on a boreal lake.

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