Nature Saskatchewan 75th Anniversary Logo

Our History

Nature Saskatchewan has been dedicated to the conservation of Saskatchewan's natural environment since 1949. We promote appreciation and understanding of our natural world through conservation, education and research. Speaking for the protection and preservation of natural eco-systems and their biodiversity through research and viable conservation practices is our main focus. We strive to connect nature and culture through outreach programs and services. With over 800 members Nature Saskatchewan provides programs and services that provide knowledge and experiences for those who have a love for nature.

Nature Saskatchewan first sought to promote the conservation of our natural resources by appealing to its members to practice conservation and by lobbying governments and their agencies on behalf of our natural resources of every nature and kind. Much later in the 1980's, the Society took a further step. It began to support research studies into the status of such endangered or threatened species as the swift fox, prairie rattlesnake, Burrowing Owl, Piping Plover etc.

The project with which the Society has been continuously identified is its campaign for the establishment of a national grasslands park, a long term commitment demonstrating the Society's concern for the Saskatchewan environment.

Throughout the years, Nature Saskatchewan has continued to publish quality books on the topics of natural history and the general appreciation of the natural landscape enjoyed in Saskatchewan.

The Society has grown to employ several full and part time employees and is well respected as a voice for nature in Saskatchewan!


We believe that nature is not a place to visit, but home, and we strive to leave a legacy of our natural heritage for future generations.