Stewards of Saskatchewan Land Stewards

Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Stewards of Saskatchewan programs. SOS volunteers may help with field surveys, contact landowners, report sightings, share photographs, complete literature searches, and perform office duties. All of these tasks help us achieve the SOS program goals.

The SOS programs rely on voluntary participation from landowners to obtain program goals.

Benefits to participating landowners include:

  • Gaining recognition through a free personalized gate sign (if requested), or a certificate;
  • Receiving a tool-kit of educational information and conservation options;
  • Receiving the annual Stewards of Saskatchewan Newsletter and species-at-risk calendar;
  • Receiving graduated rewards for continued participation;
  • Receiving a personal invitation to our Conservation Awareness Day events (local, free-of-charge meal provided; opportunity to share knowledge and experiences related to biodiversity, species at risk, range management practices, and management practices beneficial to species at risk);
  • Accessing funding opportunities to enhance species at risk habitat, for example, to convert cropland to pasture using native grasses, develop an alternate water source, or put up fencing;
  • Signing a non-binding "handshake" agreement;
  • Belonging to a community of like-minded producers with opportunities for networking, support, and information exchange; and
  • Helping to maintain a healthy ecosystem with a diversity of species for future generations.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the Stewards of Saskatchewan programs please contact Nature Saskatchewan at:





Photo credit: Nature Saskatchewan