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A Bioblitz Canada 150 Event

June 9 and 10, 2017  Regina, SK

Dear Scientists, Naturalists, Community Organizations and Individuals,
BioBlitz Canada 150 is one of 38 Signature Projects under the federal Canada 150 initiative. The Canadian Wildlife Federation is coordinating the BioBlitz Canada 150 project with bioblitz events from coast to coast to coast including five flagship events in urban areas, 20 community events and 10 science-intense blitzes.

We would like to invite you to join us in Wascana Centre on June 9 and 10, 2017 for the
Regina BioBlitz. This flagship event is the only one in the prairies; it will represent both Saskatchewan and the Prairie Region in BioBlitz Canada 150.

The Regina BioBlitz will be held in Wascana Centre and is hosted by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in partnership with Wascana Centre Authority, Friends of Wascana Marsh, Saskatchewan Science Centre, Nature Saskatchewan and Bird Studies Canada. We have confirmed that Wascana Centre will be available to blitz for our event, centered on the 23-acre Habitat Conservation Area of the park.

You may be wondering - what is a public bioblitz and why should I participate?

A public bioblitz is a period of biological surveying by scientists, students, naturalists and the general public, working together in an attempt to record all the species in a defined area for a defined period of time – this mixture of wildlife experts and the wider public is key to the BioBlitz concept.
The aim of the Regina BioBlitz is to provide fun, enjoyment and connection for those who may not normally interact with nature. Our goal is to invite the people of Regina and surrounding area to develop an understanding of local wildlife and habitats, and gain first-hand experience of how to record biological data. Our hope is that participants who develop wildlife identification skills, and have opportunities to connect with wildlife, are more aware of conservation in their communities.

Scientists, Naturalists and Taxonomic Experts: If you can identify organisms, we need
your help!

• BioBlitz Canada 150 is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm and expertise of
living organisms and potentially even advance your research.
• Successful collection and reporting is essential to a BioBlitz and we cannot do
this without your help. Our main data collection tool for the event will be the
iNaturalist app. This citizen science app allows anyone to upload their findings in
order to share data and crowd source species identifications.
There are a number of ways you can contribute to the event:
• Leading groups of all ages on guided field inventories lasting 1-2 hours. These
sessions are designed to introduce people to the notion and practice of biological
inventory by involving them in one. These sessions are really important as they
provide time and space for building true connections with enthusiastic participants.
During the inventory, scientists show participants how to find and record
• Expert volunteers may be asked to spend some time working at a booth to
identify, document and photograph organisms.
• In addition to working with the public, you may be able to arrange a targeted
inventory to answer a specific question. You can use this opportunity to create a
team to tackle a small research project and make observations for the BioBlitz at
the same time.
• Even if you can’t join us in person, you can become an iNaturalist curator to
identify observations online during the event. Every identification helps.

Nature Education and Community Organizations: If you have a mandate for outreach
and working with the public, we need you!

• We need your help to provide ongoing, nature based drop-in activities for the
public during the day on June 10, 2017. Activities may include: pond dipping,
arts and crafts, nature journaling, worm charming, etc. Maybe you have an idea
for an activity, maybe you just have a motivated group willing to help. Contact us
to explore the possibilities.
• If you are able to run a public activity, your organization will also have the
opportunity to set up an information booth in the Bioblitz Regina basecamp tent.
Interested Individuals: If you don’t fit into one of the above categories but want to be
involved on a deeper level, we need you!
• We will need volunteers to help with everything from running the
registration/research base camp to assisting researchers to planning and
running family activities.
• If you are somewhat photographically and digitally savvy but are concerned you
aren’t “expert” enough to lead an inventory, you can volunteer to be an iNaturalist
pro-observer to help make sure that every species found during an inventory
is recorded.

Whatever your expertise, we need you. This is Canada’s nature selfie for our 150th. Join us
in answering one of the most basic questions: What lives here? Volunteer today.

Sarah Schafer
Visitor Experience Supervisor
Royal Saskatchewan Museum

For full details visit BIOBLITZCANADA.CA   #BIOBLITZ150

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