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A Tasty Way to Help Conserve Species-at-Risk

Regina, SK – August 5, 2019 – The prairie region, as well as its biological diversity, is one of the most endangered landscapes in the world. Now, thanks to Sentinel Bottleworks, there is a new way to help conserve species at risk in Saskatchewan. The Rosthern based alcohol producer has recently released a series of locally made ciders that highlight species at risk in the province. “It's sort of like the old hinterland who's who, but for adults”, explains the cider makers owner Keith Jorgenson. “Each variety that we make has both the image of a Saskatchewan species-at-risk and a bit of information about the species. We hope to raise the profile of these species, why they are in trouble, and raise money for people fighting to save them.”


Prairie Sentinel has pledged to donate $1 for each litre sold. It will be used to support Species at Risk programs run by Nature Saskatchewan. In June, the cidery raised $1,000 for Nature Saskatchewan; they hope to raise over $20,000 a year. 


Nature Saskatchewan offers a suite of five voluntary stewardship programs that engage rural landowners and land managers in conserving habitat in southern Saskatchewan to benefit species at risk, ecosystem health, and people. The programs use flagship (rare) species to promote awareness of our disappearing prairie and parkland landscapes and their biological diversity. “It is an indescribable feeling when an unsolicited business is willing to step forward to support programs that are designed to conserve our precious grassland landscape and the species that inhabit them. We can’t thank Keith enough for his foresight and generosity and hope to continue our partnership well into the future” says Jordan Ignatiuk, Executive Director for Nature Saskatchewan.


“Drinking and the environment don't seem to go together, but people want to know that what they make and what they buy is part of the solution and not part of the problem”, says Jorgenson.”  “I am a farmer; I see what we have lost, and hope that we can save what is left. We have lost 87% of our original prairies. Imagine losing 87% of your house, that's what Saskatchewan endangered species are living with.”


You can find the new ciders on tap in Saskatoon at:

  • Yard and Flagon
  • High Key
  • Rook and Raven
  • Cork and Kettle
  • Winstons
  • Shelter
  • Louis’

And for purchase at:

  • Sobeys Stonebridge
  • Sobeys Preston Crossing
  • Sobeys Yorkton
  • Sobeys Humbolt
  • Sobeys Emerald Park
  • Sobeys Rochdale
  • Sobeys Southland
  • Metro Saskatoon
  • Metro Regina
  • Willow Park Regina
  • SLGA University Heights
  • SLGA Confederation Park
  • SLGA Idylwyld
  • SLGA Avalon
  • SLGA 8th Street
  • SLGA Quance
  • SLGA Broadway
  • Red’s Liquor Store
  • Sperling Silver


For further information, please contact:


Jordan Ignatiuk, Nature Saskatchewan Executive Director
306-780-9293 or

Keith Jorgenson, Sentinel Bottleworks
306-491-4848 or


Photo credit: B. Quist


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