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2021 Annual Appeal





Dear friend and supporter of Nature Saskatchewan,

This year continued to be one of adaptation and anxiety for many around the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout all of this, nature has remained a place to exercise and socialize safely, a place to bring calm and joy and for many a new place to learn about and explore. In a world that is so disconnected, nature brings us that connection that is vital to our wellbeing.

But nature needs our help. Saskatchewan is home to some of the planet's most endangered ecosystems and increasing pressures such as wetland drainage, habitat fragmentation and mass species decline will have lasting negative consequences.
The Board of Directors and the staff at Nature Saskatchewan worked hard in 2021 on issues such as these through education, advocacy and partnerships.

We have seen many successes this year despite the challenges that the pandemic presented, including an increase in our Stewards of Saskatchewan (SOS) participants, who now conserve over 600,000 acres of grassland habitat and 137 miles of shoreline habitat!  Staff led 8 virtual and 29 in-person field trips with students throughout Saskatchewan reaching more than 775 youth and held 6 online webinars and learning opportunities for people of all ages. Representatives from Nature Saskatchewan attended many meetings, including Nature on the Hill in Ottawa (held virtually in 2021) to add our voice to the call for keeping nature at the top of the priority list. Looking towards 2022, Nature Saskatchewan will be playing a supportive role by way of an advisory committee to the Wildlife Conservation Society regional coordinator in identifying Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Saskatchewan. In late January, we will once again partner with local organizations to plan the 2022 Drainage Conference and look forward to a host of informative speakers and productive conversations. We will also be petitioning the Federal Government for an impact assessment for the Lake Diefenbaker irrigation expansion project. While we take a brief moment to acknowledge some ofthe successes of this past year, we recognize that there is always much more to be done and the Board of Directors and staff are ready to continue to work towards Humanity in Harmony with Nature.

The good work that we do would not be possible without the support of our members and partners. Please take the time to renew your membership for 2022 if you have not already done so. Nature Saskatchewan memberships run on the calendar year and you have the option of receiving a print or electronic copy of the Blue Jay. If you are a print subscriber, you will automatically be given access to the online version as well. You will find a membership renewal form included and can find additionalinformation there. Retaining our existing members and attracting new members is extremely important. We ask that you help us spread the word and consider giving a Nature Saskatchewan membership as a gift to someone you care about, following us on our social media channels and by signing up to receive our electronic newsletter. We thank you for your support and ask that you consider helping in the form of a donation. Donations can be directed to any program you choose, or can be split amongst the various programs that are meaningful to you. A donation to Nature Saskatchewan as a whole will allow funds to be used where they are the most needed, or simply purchasing a membership for yourself or a loved one will help us to remain strong and keep our voice heard. You may prefer to give a little each month by joining our Nature Savings Plan. Contributors to the Nature Savings Plan have the option of contributing directly through their bank or via a monthly credit card payment.

Each and every way you choose to help will have a positive effect on the work we do.
Thank you for being a part of a team working to conserve Saskatchewan’s natural landscapes and all that call it home.

Please take a moment now to decide how you can help.


Yours in conservation,

Ken Ludwig
President, Nature Saskatchewan


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