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                                 False Dragonhead (Physostegia parviflora) © Shelly Fisher

What is a Flora?

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A flora is a technical publication containing descriptions and keys to all plant species in a region. The Flora of Saskatchewan has descriptions, keys, line drawings or scans, and distribution maps of all species in the province. We will eventually produce a CD that will include photographs of all of Saskatchewan's species.

Floras are a fundamental resource for anyone working with plants. The primary purpose of a flora is to allow users to efficiently identify plants in a given region. Floras also provide distribution, habitat, and rarity information about plant species. The Flora of Saskatchewan is also specifically designed to be a learning tool for anyone wanting to learn more about botany and plant morphology in general.


                           Golden Saxifrage (Chrysosplenium tetrandrum) © Jennifer Rumancik

Why does Saskatchewan need a Flora?

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Please see "The Need for a Flora of Saskatchewan" in the above section.