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The Need for a Flora of Saskatchewan

For many years, the critical need for a flora of Saskatchewan has been recognized. The Saskatchewan Naturalist's Club, formed in 1912, gave as its goal "To compile and keep up to date a Saskatchewan flora" (Belcher, 1996, page 4). This need is no less evident than it was nearly a century ago. A provincial flora will contribute to the understanding of biodiversity, to the compilation of full lists of species and habitats that should be considered rare or threatened, and to the best assessment of the impacts of resource development and climate change in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is truly, in a botanical sense, where east meets west and north meets south. Many species reach the limits of their geographical ranges in the province. Currently, students learning botany, field workers, botanists, and interested amateurs must consult floras from adjacent regions, making plant identification tedious and problematic. The Flora of Saskatchewan will compile decades of study and expertise and make learning the botany of Saskatchewan much easier, generate more interest in botany, and make the identification and study of Saskatchewan plants much more efficient and reliable.


Belcher, Margaret. 1996. The Isabel Priestly Legacy: Saskatchewan Natural History Society 1949-1990. Special Publication No. 19. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Natural History Society (Nature Saskatchewan).



                                         Oval-leaved Milkweed (Asclepias ovalifolia) © Shelly Fisher